Singer-Songwriters in the Round: An Intimate Musical Experience * Imurj
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singer songwriter in the round imurj raleigh music becca rae taylor leopold jason adamo

Singer-Songwriters in the Round: An Intimate Musical Experience

Imurj held an intimate night of music on Saturday, March 9th. “Singer-Songwriters in the Round” was a night of colorful storytelling and sincere music that featured three North Carolina musicians who shared the stage and their experiences with the audience in a calm and soothing atmosphere. The event was hosted by Becca Rae, an award-winning country music songwriter based in Southern Pines, and featured Raleigh songwriters Jason Adamo and Taylor Leopold. The evening was also sponsored by 95.7 FM That Station, which broadcasted live from Imurj.


Becca Rae kicked off the evening with her song “Ain’t Ashamed,” a piece that introduced her “country as cornbread” music style and set a candid tone for the rest of the evening. She explained how she wrote the song after having a hard time finding proud country music artists on the west coast. Then she picked up the guitar and got the crowd rocking with powerful vocals and an upbeat rhythm.


singer songwriter in the round imurj raleigh music becca rae taylor leopold jason adamo

Jason Adamo followed up as Becca Rae finished her first song. He reminisced on writing songs late at night when he couldn’t sleep and then told a story of what it’s like to have a writing session with British songwriters in Nashville. Adamo finished his turn by sharing his song “Someone’s Arms.” The soft music, sad lyrics, and melodic guitar licks connected with the audience and demonstrated the power of the collaborative writing session.


Taylor Leopold then took her turn at the microphone. The Wake Forest native shared the story behind her song “Poison Ivy” before wowing the crowd with her unique soft pop/R&B style.


The three songwriters continued to share their personal experiences throughout the night, and they even had a few surprises up their sleeves. Becca Rae announced for the first time that she would be moving back to Nashville this summer to focus on the next step in her music career. Jason Adamo followed in Taylor Leopold’s style by singing an R&B song, and Taylor led the audience in a fun singalong towards the end of the night.


The event was successful in bridging the gap between listeners and musicians. As the night progressed, audience members got to know more than just the music. They saw personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences that were poured into the songs performed right before their eyes.


“Singer-Songwriters in the Round” is an experience that is sure to happen again at Imurj, and every music-lover should be a part of it at least once.



Writer: Matias Faundez