Featured Recording "Anthem" by Sound System Seven * Imurj
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Featured Recording “Anthem” by Sound System Seven

Thomas Szypulski (aka Ski) wrote Anthem in 1993. He explains, “Except for a couple key changes to suit vocalists, it has stayed pretty stable for a quarter century, with the last verse becoming a toast in its most recent iteration. I’m happy to write songs but I’m not arrogant enough to tell you how to fit what you hear into your own context. I figure that’s up to each individual listener. When someone asks me what my song means, I simply answer, ‘Exactly what you THINK it means.’ Then I ask what that person thinks it means. People have told me they think Anthem is anything from a denouncement of the Clinton administration’s efforts at gun control to a lamentation of America’s role in a post-Cold War world. If I told you what it means, you’d never listen with an open mind and no one would ever give me such thoughtful feedback.”

Anthem was most recently recorded on a Pro-Tools platform in Sound System Seven’s rehearsal space, with final vocals added at Studio Sea in Raleigh. It was produced by Dewey Walsh and Sound System Seven and mastered by Daniel Mager of Broken Records in Toronto, Canada.


Sound System Seven