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Radio Contest Letter

Bon jour mon ami,


Thanks for checking out the First Imurj Raleigh Radio Contest, sponsored by…Oak City Productions and Next Step Raleigh!!!


SACRE BLEU!  What an honor our local musicians have granted to us, sharing their recordings to broadcast to the world (wide web) the vast pool of musical talent in Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina!  All of these musicians put a lot of time, money, emotion, and energy into their recordings…and now they are allowing us to share their passion and be an important part of the local music community by providing feedback.  Our team of local musicians is waiting to be recognized and promoted by YOU, the “local musicholics”, who care enough about local music to give some honest time, consideration, and feedback by listening, “Liking”, and voting.  Merci beau coup to all y’all!


Contest Entries

So, let’s start recognizin’!  To get you started and expand your tastes within the local music scene, I recommend that you listen to all ### recordings that were entered into the contest, and vote for your favorite!  We have a large variety of genres. Also…PLEASE take the time to hit the “Like” button when you think an artist shows some potential and deserves some encouragement. The local music scene needs to keep adding fresh blood or we’ll get in a rut…like Nashville.  Did I mention..when you vote for your favorite song, you will be enrolled into a random drawing for NEATO-KEENO, COOLIO PRIZES?!?!


Almost all the songs that were entered are comparable to what you’ll hear on the radio or to songs promoted by the big record labels.  (Down with “The Man”!) In fact, there are some entries from well-established artists who are obviously professionals. Music is their “day job”.  As expected… there are some entries that have room for improvement, and that’s OK! Other local musicians can hear enticing beats, bass lines, chord progressions, or melodies and might get an itch to collaborate on the song for the next contest.  Most of our local musicians are very talented amateurs or entry-level professionals looking to improve their chops and earn some fan loyalty…and pick up good-lookin’ soul mates. Imurj is here to support them!


When you finish listening to the contest entries, please come back and check out other songs by those artists whose contest entries got into your head and/or heart (see below).  I liked some artists’ other songs better than their contest entries. But wadafa do I know? Eye d’Neau…nuffin’…


Staff Favorites

Also, because some musicians uploaded recordings to Imurj Radio but did not enter the contest, you should check out the hundreds of songs in our “Staff Favorites” playlist.  As our curation staff listens to uploaded recordings, their favorites were put into this playlist…and ALL genres submitted are represented. Sometimes the composition was so good that even though the performance or recording had room for improvement, the staff still had to recognize it as a “diamond in the rough” favorite. Don’t forget to give some love to the musical talent by tappin’ on that “Like” button when you hear something that moves you!


Listeners’ Favorites

I recommend that you listen to all the songs in your favorite genres on the Imurj Radio landing page…and hit that Like button.  I would LOVE to have YOU, our listeners, “Like” the S – – – out of a song that the Imurj Staff “cure-haters” did not put up on the Staff Favorites list.  Keep those arrogant musical gatekeepers in their place. Let’s get a “LISTENERS’ FAVORITE” playlist up there! QUESTION AUTHORITY! Les Miserables!


Please let me know what you think of this contest-


Au revoir,


Eye d’Neau, PhD