Open Mic at Imurj Expands Hours and Changes Format * Imurj
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Open Mic at Imurj Expands Hours and Changes Format

Members spoke – Imurj listened! “World-famous”, “award-winning”, open mic at Imurj expands hours and changes format!


Imurj adjusted Wednesdays’ open mic in response to member complaints about our randomization of
the sign-up list. Some of our youngest…and some of our oldest…members have difficulty waking for
school…and work…on Thursday, if they are randomized to play late on Wednesday night. Therefore,
Imurj is starting Wednesdays’ open mic at 7 pm (sign-up starts at 6:30 PM) and
instituting a first-come/first-choice, sign-up process. Our open-mic-super-host, Brian Jones,
conducted a poll amongst his 1,842 Facebook friends…and 92% (+/- 9% margin of polling error) voted
for a “first come/first choice” sign-up process. Those of you who like to hang late can still sit-in (or
listen-in) on some amazing jams with the other night owls, if and when the sign-ups have all


Thanks so much to our members for the feedback that makes Imurj “the Artists’ Café” instead of “just
another bar”.