Featured Gallery Artist: Jeannie Nadja * Imurj
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Featured Gallery Artist: Jeannie Nadja

A short interview with Jeannie about her creative style & influence.


How would you describe yourself and your artistic style? 

“Glue gun and glitter fanatic with a camera” is my favorite byline to use on social media. My bedroom is full of sparkly things, paints, tripods, and random stuff that amuses me. All of this, I work into my photography—whether I glue it into a headpiece or use it to shoot a photo. My style is influenced by painters and photographers (some of my favs being Karol Bąk, John William Waterhouse, Amanda Diaz, ULDUS). I started off painting before heading into the photo world, and I was always inspired by textures and colors. It’s got to be bright, and the sight of it has to make you feel it without even touching.”


Does local Raleigh/NC culture inspire or influence your art? 

“I’m newer to Raleigh (and North Carolina in general), as I moved here less than two years ago. I’m originally from rural Western Pennsylvania and also spent a few years in a small town in Oregon. Much of my photography consists of outdoor scenes because of this. However, I spent most of my twenties living in the Phoenix metro area of Arizona and was inspired by urban scenes. I think Raleigh is a great blend of both atmospheres. Upon moving here, someone described the area to me as “a city in the middle of the woods”. It’s definitely an apt description!”


What’s your favorite medium to work with & why?

“For much of my photography, I design headpieces and accessories for the models to wear. So it’s hard to say that I have a favorite, as I feel like I’m using so many mediums (even digital, as I do post-work in Photoshop). Humorously, I learned to do makeup, as I didn’t have access to many make-up artists, when I lived in rural Oregon. For me, I like the challenge of using multiple mediums to create one final piece—and in my case, the final output is a photograph.”


How would you describe your art that is on exhibit at Imurj?

“I have one of my self-portrait series on display at Imurj right now. Anything that I do where I photograph myself, is coming from a darker place. Honestly, I hate being photographed, and rather be working with a model. However, I do go through periods of depression, and the only thing that seems to pull me out of it is to just start taking photos. So I’ll set up my camera on a tripod, and shoot myself sitting on the bed or next to a wall—always some corner in my room because I don’t feel like leaving the house. While working on these, I forget that I’m sad, angry, or anything ugly, and I just go into this tranquil place.  It’s therapy really.”


Check out Jeannie’s website: JeannieNadjaStudios.com