January Featured Recording * Imurj
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January Featured Recording




The tune is in Am and combines a classic minor blues pattern with a little Latin punch. The chorus goes straight to big majors and rock and roll. What hooks the melody is the space and stops. What you don’t play counts big sometimes!


The lyrics are easy. Anybody who has been away from home and the things they love can hear the message the song has to send. This tune was written like a lot of my compositions. A few words, an idea, a feeling, and a chord pattern that you can’t help but play all day for some reason. I make sure my instruments stay at hand and plugged in, and that I can find a pen. I learned a long time ago that when a tune starts to hatch, get something down. You won’t be able to go back later, no matter what you think! So you end with a rough draft and the core of a song.


When I’m ready, I do a single performance for the band. If it is good for the group, the guys feed it back. The rhythm tightens up, and the tune changes into something that the band owns. When it works, it’s magic. If it doesn’t work, move on to the next.


The recording is multi-track digital, I used a PreSonus Studiolive 16.4.2 multitrack digital board into Studio One Pro via firewire, with as many tracks as we can get isolation for. It is great if vocals can go down with the instruments. Post-mix and process is a thing all to itself. I currently use Studio One Pro with a computer that does not limit the process.