Imurj Look: "Trippy Drippy Face" * Imurj
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Imurj Look: “Trippy Drippy Face”

Q: What inspired you to create this piece of art?

A: “Melting your face off” could be a phrase describing a really good rock band, or it could be describing a drug trip gone wrong. After my cousin overdosed and died, this took on a whole new meaning for me. His journey with drugs was literally like a slippery slope for him, like one moment he was having fun, and the next, he wasn’t here anymore. Slipped between the cracks into the next dimension. It was very sudden and shocking to my whole family, and we just dont know why he thought that he was safe.


Q: What’s the process of making your work?

A: When Briana and I collaborate, it’s really an effective process. We brainstorm while watching documentaries, then I sketch out the base picture in ink. Then Briana starts to mix the paint and goes to work filling in my lines with vibrant hues. When either one of us gets creatively blocked, the other takes over. I add the final details and bolden the outlines to make our pieces really pop.


Q: Does local Raleigh/NC culture inspire or influence your art?

A: Raleigh has an art scene that has encouraged me as an artist since I was in middle school. I had an art teacher named Duane Brown that started me early, helping me apply for contests and little exhibitions around town.

But there is also a pervasive drug culture in not just NC, but the whole US that I cannot help but see it, and be influenced by it.


Q: Why do you love what you do?

A: The secret to eternal life is creation.
I can think of anything, and then make it real. It’s a powerful feeling, to create. I feel like I have something great to give to the world, especially with everyone encouraging me. I have been truly blessed with love in my life, and when I create things it makes people happy, so that’s why I love to do it. But I also have lots of power to make a statement, once I know what I want to state.


Elisabeth Flock’s “Trippy Drippy Face” is on exhibit in the Imurj Main Gallery until July 29 along with 3 other pieces.