Imurj Look: "Through the Glass" * Imurj
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Imurj Look: “Through the Glass”








Megan Crist is a photographer, a writer, and a designer who is new to the Raleigh area. Crist’s collection of art, “Through the Glass”, is on exhibit in the Imurj Main Gallery exhibit, MONO a MONO. Crist discusses her inspirations, her artwork, and her creative process.


Q: How would you describe yourself & your artistic style?

A: In general, I consider myself someone who always likes to learn new things. I love to read on a variety of topics. I find a lot of inspiration in all kinds of sciences as well as in my life experiences and environments. As far as being a photographic artist goes, I aim to translate an idea into a somewhat abstract image to produce an emotional response. It is a different avenue than my past experience with editorial and weddings. It comes from the angle of asking, “What else can I make with these same tools?”

Q: How would you describe your art/piece that is on exhibit at Imurj?

A: Through Glass III (2)  references identity. In this image, one of the mannequins appears to have an explosion where the head would traditionally be and it is lifting a new face out of some packaging.

Q: What inspired you to create this piece of art?

A: The series Through Glass is separated into three parts. This image is from Part III (the most visually dramatic) and it is essentially fragments of my reflections on living in the city. It is about the struggle of who you are versus who you present yourself to be.

Q: What’s the process of making your work?

A: Photography itself is so inspiring to me. It blurs the line between science and art and I think that’s a special characteristic. I enjoy thinking about new ways to make images with core photographic concepts. This particular series is made with a combination double exposures, polarization, and digital collage.

Q: Does local Raleigh/NC culture inspire or influence your art?

A: I definitely believe that where I live impacts my work. The pieces from the Through Glass Series (I, II, and III) were made in New York. I moved here last year and projects that I’m currently working on have been inspired by various aspects of this community for sure.

Q: Why do you love what you do?

A: Putting your ideas out there is hard, but creating is liberating.