Imurj Look: "PUNKS" * Imurj
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Imurj Look: “PUNKS”

Annette Shope is a visual artist and creativity coach in the Triangle. “PUNKS” is on view in the GLOW exhibit. Shope discusses her inspiration behind the piece, her creative process, and her love for expressing creativity.

Q: Describe yourself and your artistic style

A: I’m a re-emerging photographer, mixed media artist and a Creativity Coach.

Q: Describe your art/piece that is on exhibit at Imurj.

A: My piece titled ‘PUNKS’ uses a vintage photograph of mine (which I printed on a transparency for this show) that I took when I was nineteen and in art school. At the time, this punk rock duo was playing at a local college, and during a break I asked them to step outside so I could photograph them. My one regret was not getting their names or the name of the band. The image is timeless.

Q: What inspired you to create this piece of art?

A: I’ve always loved this photograph and combined with the IMURJ challenge to make a luminous piece of art that would glow under a black light, I was pulled in by the sheer fun of paint blocking and highlighting this strong image.

Q: What’s the process of making your work?

A: Let’s say it’s organic, can we? A deadline is always a big incentive for me. I usually scan my photo files, stash of art supplies, art books for inspiration then combine elements (over and over) until something visually magical happens.

Q: Does local Raleigh/NC culture inspire or influence your art?

A: The Raleigh art community is open and welcoming to artists at any stage and any age. At this moment, it inspires me to be authentic with my art.

Q: Why do you love what you do?

A: Expressing creativity is part of being human with an amazing health benefit. I love getting lost in the bliss of creation (where you lose all track of time) but also to see people react to my art and photographs. It’s always a surprise what people gravitate towards, plus I’d be lying if I didn’t say there’s always a thrill to see your artwork displayed with your name right next to it!


Annette Shope‘s “PUNKS” is  on exhibit in the Imurj Main Gallery until July 29.