Imurj Listen: "The Funkside" * Imurj
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Imurj Listen: “The Funkside”

Q: Describe the composition of Funkside. What inspired you to write this song?

A: Funkside, soul-inspired funk song, written and composed completely by me, Will McBride.  It is 4/4 with a little triplet sort of segue into the chorus.  Chordally, it is rich with color, using ninths for the funk-flavored verses (borrowing James Brown flavorings) with some 4-in-the-bass chords, Hammond organ and soaring horns in the chorus…borrowing Steely Dan stylings a bit.  The lyrics were inspired by a venue in Clayton that we used to play a lot, and the majority of the song composition came to me in a dream.  Just woke up one morning and it was in my head!

Q: Describe the recording process of the track.

A: Recorded the rough outline on Audacity with a drum machine and a guitar, a track at a time.  Shared it with a three piece band, and they polished their parts the way they were feeling it working.  Took it, with the rest of the ALL IN music into the studio (Overdub Lane, 24 tracks, with producer John Plymale) and recorded the rhythm section first, then added vocals, keyboards, horns.  Used only Carr guitar amps (2 ramblers and a hammerhead), because they sound GREAT!  Used a Strymon Lex Leslie simulator, ibanez tube screamer for some lead work, and a wide open hammerhead for other lead parts.


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