Featured Recording: Better Every Day by Icarus Airline * Imurj
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Featured Recording: Better Every Day by Icarus Airline


  Better Every Day started off simply enough with me wanting to incorporate a southernism I am fond of into a song: “If you chase two rabbits you don’t catch either.” I figured it was the perfect ground on which to construct a feel-good song for Icarus Airline, which is going to be a great addition to our debut album. Though most of our sound is hard-hitting blues, it’s nice to demonstrate range like this. I think the main interesting thing about the chorus is that “getting better” is supposed to have two meanings. While most people might think it only means ‘becoming more proficient in a skill’, it also relates to emotional and physical health and how when you improve yourself, you ‘become more well’ at the same time.



We recorded Better Every Day with Paul Voran at Imurj and are thrilled on how it turned out. We decided to each record our tracks separately so that we’d be able to play around and improvise parts on the fly without risking the performance of the band as a whole. That ended up going great as there are some guitar licks that got into the final cut that I’m really proud of. What you’re hearing on the solo is my Gretsch G5420 with a custom set of humbuckers from Guru Guitars going through a Crybaby and a Boss BD-2 into the drive channel on my Hotrod Deluxe. Overall a budget signal chain, but hey, who said you need to blow tons of money to sound good?

To get the group vocals on the end, Paul helped us out by lending us his vocal talents, as well as some of his friends at Imurj. Getting that feeling of a room full of people singing along with you was not easy, but he pulled it off great.
Better Every Day is a song about just that, getting a little better every day, and we hope you have fun hearing it.
Written by Daniel Deans of Icarus Airline