Featured Recording: "Dying In My Dreams" by For Good Measure * Imurj
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Featured Recording: “Dying In My Dreams” by For Good Measure

“Dying In My Dreams” is what we consider our first collaboration as a band when it comes to song writing. The idea for the song came about one day while rehearsing. John started talking about a dream he had been having where he felt like he was dying and couldn’t move. Jason chimed in how he had had dreams like that as well. Chris stated something like “if you die in your dreams you might not ever wake up.” We spent so much time talking about it and thought man, we should write a song about this.


John sings the lead except where Travis takes over in the bridge and lets out a terrifying scream to let you know how scared we are by the monster that’s been chasing us throughout. The song has become one of the bands’ favorite to open our set with.


The Recording:

We had an awesome time recording the song at Bongo John’s Studio. (Link to his website here: https://www.bongojohnstudio.com/) Bongo is a super talented musician who has an amazing ear for recording. We recorded the bass and drum tracks together for this song. The rest of the guys went in at a later date to put down the guitar and vocals. We are really happy with how it turned out.