Featured Visual Artist: Michael Richardson * Imurj
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Featured Visual Artist: Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson has been a nomadic artist, traveling the world and the United States. His work is inspired by action figures, comic-books, and cartoons. You can see his work in Imurj’s main gallery during the month of November.

Michael moved around a lot and lived overseas during his childhood. He traveled from Spain to Japan before settling back in the United States in his teenage years. As a child, he started out doodling, and had a teacher fertilize his creative mind through support, encouragement, and motivation. Michael would ask for action figures from his parents, not to play with, but to try and recreate in a picture. These early influences would have a major impact on his later work.

As Michael grew older, his artistic muses morphed from action figures to comic books, cartoons, and written fiction. Combining his artistic gift with backstories and the written word gave new life to his creations. Beginning with simple sketches or concrete ideas, his work now goes through levels of metamorphosis. Putting an abstract idea on the page and making sense of the meaning creates art from what began as a “mess” that can develop life through the artistic process. Michael will “finish” a piece, scan it into a copy, and then continue to create on top of it until it has a new life different from what it began as.

For Michael art is a meditative process that inspires productivity and provides an outlet from day to day life. He is able to be surprised and at peace with a finished piece and wants viewers to feel that same peace when they view that work. Focusing on spaces within the piece creates depth with no objective form and brings him closer to the art through visualization.

Michael’s goals for the future include finishing illustrations for a children’s book and getting his art out in the public’s eye and make a living off of it. For his personal art, he wants to continue growing piece size, and stretching the boundaries of art. His ideal project is to create a 3D VR experience of his doodles and artwork for people to explore.