Featured Visual Artist: Jessica Lynch * Imurj
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Featured Visual Artist: Jessica Lynch

Born and raised in NC, I have always had an interest in art. The story behind why I began painting is a perfect match for this month’s theme at Imurj. My boyfriend at the time told me I was “the artist of nothing” when I expressed interest in painting and art in general. Since then, I haven’t stopped painting. My dedication and newly found motivation has lead to my art being shown in multiple shows/galleries since I began in 2018 and in a way, I thank my ex for his unsupportive comment. Without it, I might have never found the drive I needed in order to start something I always found intimidating.

There are a lot of different influences for my art. I would say some of the main ones would definitely be from my experiences and music! My process in my work differs each time I create a piece. Sometimes the idea comes first, sometimes I get all of my supplies out in front of me and see what happens. I love that I don’t really have a routine or process because I believe it allows me to be more open and creative with my art.

The content of my art differs greatly, so I believe there are many points I try to make when creating something. The biggest, most important point I want to convey is ANYONE can create art. If someone looks at one of my pieces and finds interest in trying to paint on their own, I encourage it and wish for them to find the same happiness and escape I did when I started painting.

My signature has to be my favorite part about my art. After spending time creating something that is important to me, it feels really good to sign it. As my art and style has evolved, so has my signature. The signature on my first few pieces is different than the pieces I do now, and it feels good to look back on journey and see how I’ve grown both as a person and an artist.


I continue to struggle with my confidence. When I create something or have pieces in a show, I have to keep reminding myself that my pieces deserve to be here. But I have found the art community to be extremely welcoming and supportive, and I am excited to continue to be a part of that. My goals for the future are simply to continue creating art. I hope to keep finding new motivation and reasons to paint, and that it leads to more shows/galleries in the future.