Featured Visual Artist: Haley Colton * Imurj
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Featured Visual Artist: Haley Colton

Haley Colton is the featured artist of the month for October. You can see her work in Imurj’s main gallery. Haley is from Apex, North Carolina, and she has always been involved in art. Typically she goes with the flow of what her mind tells her as she creates. Starting with a vague idea, the drawing takes on a life of its own and forms itself through her hands. Haley’s draws influences from tattoo artists such as Ryan and Mathew Murray at the black veil tattoo shop, psyca, likrotable, Margaret morale, and mellow mushroom-esque art.


While Haley doesn’t have a specific message to portray through her art, she hopes to emphasize the importance of loving what you do. Haley states “We sort of craft our own paths because the world can’t decide what our story is gonna be because that’s our own responsibility.” Haley is wise in her age with the call-to-action of if you find yourself miserable with what you do, stop and find what you love during this short life we live.


Music is a large part of Haley’s life, and she likes to listen to music as much as she likes making art. Her skills shine through her art, and she is personally proud of her line work and details. For the future, Haley’s goals include branching out into different poses, drawing animals, and expanding upon plain background colors. One day, Haley would love to complete a mural, and progress into a well-known artist, and even take on the canvas of a person’s skin with tattoo art.