Featured Artist: Cheryl McCardle * Imurj
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Featured Artist: Cheryl McCardle

I sat down with Cheryl McCardle to learn a little more about her work and her experience in the Member Mayhem gallery…


1- How would you describe yourself and your artistic style? 

I have been seriously creating art through painting and sculpture for over 20 years.

I consider my art to be an intuitive process, and I incorporate a variety of media to create rich textures in my expressionistic abstract paintings. For me, the process of creating multiple layers of paint is as important as the end result.

Much of my work incorporates calligraphic marks that come from my subconscious mind and illustrate my inner world. Sometimes I see colors or symbols in my dreams or in meditation. My inner critic goes away and the truth emerges through my art to keep me safe and sane. It is a very therapeutic process for me.



2- Does local Raleigh culture inspire or influence your work?

I can’t say that Raleigh culture has directly inspired any specific paintings for me in that  I have not used the city as a backdrop for paintings. However, being part of a city that supports and encourages art and artists has inspired me to pursue my dreams of having a studio in the warehouse district at 311 Gallery and Studios and motivated me to produce more art.



3- What is your favorite medium to work with & why? 

I love working in mixed media where I can incorporate acrylic paint, found objects, fabric and paper into my art. Anything is fair came when it comes to building layers and texture into a painting. I enjoy the diversity of working with different materials and seeing the results. It challenges me and keeps me excited about my work.



4- How would you describe your art that is on exhibit at Imurj?

The painting Vortex is a richly textured piece that has multiple layers of swirling darker colors. The darkness becomes obscured by radiating lighter colors on the top surface. I can relate it to coming out of a dark place into a new awareness.

Earth and Sky was painted intuitively beginning with many of the earth colors which provided a rich contrast for the blues that were added ultimately making me think of the joyous colors the two elements in nature.


Writer: Torie Tracy