Featured Artist: Ang. * Imurj
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Featured Artist: Ang.

Song Title: “Through With You”

Written and performed by Ang.




At my core, I am a songwriter. When I speak, I tend to rush and trip and stumble over my words because my mind moves so much faster than my mouth. I write songs to sort, understand and document how I’m feeling in the moment. I went through a pretty rough break up last year and needed to process intense emotions in a short amount of time. Luckily, I acquired my Grandfather’s 1941 Gibson and a brand-new source of inspiration.  “Through With You” was inspired by a question asked to me in the midst of some pretty solid writer’s block. I was asked, “you’re playing a sold-out show and you turn the mic around to the crowd to hear them sing…what are they singing back to you?” That was all I needed.


The lyrics and melody were written at the same time, weaving together as I played through a series of chords. I closed my eyes and just started singing. The words that came out were choppy and sometimes not even words, just notes sung on neutral syllables to hold the melody. I wrote down phrases I liked, sang them again, and added more until I had the first verse, pre-chorus, and chorus. The second verse and bridge came the next day while I was sitting on my living room floor idly thinking about how hard we work to make our lives look “picture perfect.” I wanted to explore the idea that what we think is picture perfect is not always what it seems. When I sent it over to The Online Recording Studio in Leeds, UK, I was able to add all the electronic pop aspects to achieve the exact vibe I was looking for. I wanted it to be big, so adding different forms of percussion, string hits, and background vocals were a must.


“Through With You” is the first track on my upcoming EP entitled “This is Not a Love Story.” The EP explores the stages of a breakup and showcases the various emotions that must be felt in the process. “Through with You” reflects built up emotions and explores the powerful freedom felt after letting go of a toxic relationship. The next step for this song is finding a videographer and creating a music video! Stay tuned!