Featured Recording: June Again by Faster on Fire * Imurj
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Featured Recording: June Again by Faster on Fire

The One That Got Away

There’s something so compelling about a “one that got away” story, undoubtedly because so many of us have been there. “June Again” was inspired by a friend I met in college, who, after so many years, still texts me every year on my birthday, June 19th. I always follow up with a reply on hers, June 28th. It’s a tradition we’ve held, never missing a year. While we’re not romantically involved, there was still a story building there. I count myself lucky to have lost love and had it come back to me years later, so I pulled from that experience. One of the most poignant thoughts I had was “I hope you think of me,” and that’s probably my favorite lyric from the song. It’s such a simple thought that so accurately sums up one of our most basic needs: to be wanted by someone we love.



Recording “June Again”

When choosing a studio to record our EP, Alex and I wanted a place that felt comfortable, where we could feel free to flex our creative muscles. We’ve been working together for a while, so we wanted to make sure that the person helping us bring our best work to an audience would be knowledgeable, easy to collaborate with, and also budget-friendly. That’s a tall order, but Paul in the Studios at Imurj fit the bill far beyond our expectations.



Being a two-person act, we tracked each instrument individually. For the bulk of the guitars, I used a heavily modified 20xx Fender Blacktop Stratocaster through a first gen Orange Rockerverb 50 and an Orange PPC 412 speaker cabinet. In order to keep a consistent sound both on the record and on stage, I ran an Avid Eleven Rack for my rack FX. I think it wonderfully captured that giant guitar sound that is so indicative of modern pop and punk rock. I ran my Fender P-bass direct to the board and let Paul go to town on the mix, and the result was just the right amount of low-end that we needed to give the song drive and punch. One thing that stuck out to me in particular about Paul’s process was his ability to know when we nailed the take, but the knowledge to also get just enough takes to be a sure thing.



Alex’s Take:


“I’ve tracked in a dozen studios. Some great, some not so great. This experience by far had the easiest communication. We were all speaking the same language. It helped the whole process move quickly and efficiently. Every idea we had was met with enthusiasm and the skills to try it out. Post production, especially, was a unique experience for me. I’ve never dealt with an engineer that was so in tune with my vision.”


Written by Jon S | Faster on Fire