Featured Recording by Eye D'Neau * Imurj
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Featured Recording by Eye D’Neau

“Face Up to That Storm” is a song about slowly waking up in the dark, early hours, before dawn, when subconscious anxiety starts to creep into your dreams and the dreams carry over into that half-asleep/half-awake stage and seem so real and build to the point where you just want to crawl under the covers and sleep forever. One episode in the song is worrying about how I’m going to get to work because my truck had no tires and was up on cinder blocks…I didn’t own a truck… I tried to capture the anxiety right from the Intro where I bounce the melody up and down on the high E string before I play the first riff. Then I build the anxiety again with a sullen bass line into the verses. A couple of my favorite spots are the scratching guitar strums following the “charged up with electricity” lyrics and the “ooooh-oooh” backing vocals at 5:50. These backing vocals were done by My favorite note of all time (in my compositions at least) occurs at 6 minutes 26 seconds, when “thunderheads keep building always changing shape” I hit harmonics at the 12th fret and then grab the whammy bar and lift the guitar’s weight with it to make the harmonics bend like an eerie wind blowing. I know the song is way too long for most people, but the dreams were also way too long. I’m looking to cut the song’s length for live performances, so if you have any verses that you don’t like, let me know. Thanks!



The song was recorded at Hit City Studios in Indianapolis, IN, with the owner, Tim Brickley (of “The Bleeding Hearts”) playing bass along with the studio drummer, Jeff. The tracks were recorded using a 24 channel, analog recorder onto 2 inch tape The oooh-ooohs were done by recording the backing vocal track on a ¼ inch reel-reel and then feeding that signal onto the 24 track recorder to get a slight off-set to make them fuller.


Writer: Karl Thor of Eye D’Neau

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