Exploris Middle School Kids Write, Record, and Mix Song * Imurj
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Exploris Middle School Raleigh

Exploris Middle School Kids Write, Record, and Mix Song

Imurj hosted a group of Exploris Middle School students last month for a class elective – The Anatomy & Recording of a Song.  Michelle Parkerson, Associate Director of Exploris Middle School, said, “As a downtown school, we are able to extend learning beyond our walls into the community. Our students benefit from authentic learning through partnerships with local businesses, museums, and public offices. The collaboration with Imurj, through our Middle School elective program, was a unique experience. The students were enthusiastic as they engaged in the artistic process alongside our very own teacher who was a callback this year for The Voice. Many thanks to the Imurj staff who freely invested their time and talents in our future workforce. We look forward to engaging with them on future projects!”


The students visited Imurj four times, working with award-winning vocalist and songwriter, Carrie Marshall to write and record the song.  They picked a theme for the song, had a songwriting session with Austin Jacob XTALS, and were then ready to record their song in Imurj Studios.  Carrie Marshall said about the experience, “I always enjoy collaborating with Paul Voran and Imurj. It’s always inspiring to come alongside young writers and help them connect the dots with the writing process and creating their songs with their own artistic style!”


XTALS (Austin Jacob) produced the instrumental and the student’s teacher, Matthew Moreland, a very talented local singer-songwriter, provided lead vocals.  The students worked together to provide background vocals.  The group then worked with Imurj Studio Engineer, Paul Voran, to record, mix and master the whole song to produce the final product.  The song is called “Daydreaming” and you can listen to it below!



Carrie’s award-winning voice and original music can be heard on Spotify and iTunes. Named one of North Carolina’s Top Charlotte Vocalists in 2012 by the Carolina Entertainment Network, seasoned vocalist Carrie Marshall has performed at a variety of stages across New England and the Carolinas, including such notable events as the Democratic National Convention. In 2017 she was nominated for Best Musical Score for the movie, “Changeover” by both the Idyllwild International Film Festival and the Love International Film Festival. Carrie was a Top 10 finalist in the 2014 UK International Songwriting Competition and also won Songwriter of the Year for NC Songwriter’s Co-Op Singer/Songwriter of the year in 2010.


Carrie has been very involved as a professional performing artist, studio session singer, composer, producer, keyboardist, vocal coach, music director and actress. She holds a B.A. in Music and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and has had several years of private study in both piano and voice under reputable teachers such as Mark Baxter in Boston, MA and Dr. John Hugo in VA.


Carrie is a company member at Moonlight Stage Company in North Raleigh, NC, where she specializes in mentoring students in the study of voice, composition, and performance. As a songwriting and vocal coach, she empowers students to find their own, unique artistic voice and/or writing style, guiding several students through their first recording project. Whether helping students build confidence and technical and artistic skills or guiding aspiring artists in the next steps in their career, Carrie’s submersion in the music and entertainment business allows her to uniquely address the multifaceted aspects of a lifestyle as a performing artist.




At The Exploris School we are committed to global education. Since welcoming our first class in 1997 our school-wide instructional approach has been based on preparing our students for life in an interconnected world. We explore new ways for students to learn about the world and themselves. Together, Exploris teachers, students, and parents have created a dynamic learning environment that truly redefines the K-8 educational experience. Innovation and excellence are the standards we use to measure our success, and we have earned a reputation for both.  Exploris is located in downtown Raleigh.



*If you are having trouble loading this song, please listen to it on SoundCloud.