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Featured Artist Member: Coaching Up Creativity

When Annette Shope started out as an artist, she believed she was a natural. Why so sure? Chalk it up to her genes. She grew up around inventive and artistic first- and-second degree relatives including engineers. Now science is backing up that belief and proving that creative ‘out-of- the-box’ thinking is heritable. It can run through families. But that’s only one way to think about it, actually. Annette believes everyone is naturally creative in some way, be it artistic or innovative.


At the start of her creative journey, Annette admits to coming across as overly confident and self-assured. “I was innately gifted in the arts, yet I produced the minimum to get a little taste of the recognition that I desperately craved, failing to practice my craft.”


She often felt misunderstood as a young artist, longing to find her own mentors and her creative tribe, and never did forget those painful and unpleasant feelings of not fitting in.  She knows it’s not quite that easy starting out as a young artist looking for support.


Luckily, now these days, it is easier to find a local, creative community through thecreativity raleigh coach commit connections of co-working spaces, creative spaces like IMURJ, and social media.


For the past few years, Annette has worked as a Creativity Coach in the CCA (Creativity Coaching Association) program. Whether it’s in art, writing, design, theater, or music, as a Creativity Coach, her job is to enthusiastically support her clients in their need for self- expression, with a focus in finding out what is stopping them from achieving their goals. Her motivation is clear, “I want to serve as a mentor for overcoming the creative wounds which we all have, then to inspire and give practical actions to move forward.” Annette feels passionate about giving back now.


Annette Shope is a Creativity Coach, mixed media artist, photographer and writer. She is married and a mom of two adult daughters. She has lived all over the country and loves the spoken word and storytelling which is why she joined Tarheel Toastmasters, a club where you can practice and improve your public speaking skills.


Additionally, she is an Imurj member, VAE contributing member, a Loading Dock founding member, and a North Carolina Writers’ Network member. Look for future articles from Creativity Coach Annette on the Imurj Blog in the coming weeks! You can reach Annette via email at


If you choose to work with Annette, her process is simple. She will set up an introductory call or meet with you in person to find out and prioritize your top challenges around your creative process. Then you’ll begin a fun, collaborative practice, where you will work with her in structuring a creative action plan to help you on your way to success.