Featured Gallery Artist: Amanda Wilson * Imurj
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Featured Gallery Artist: Amanda Wilson

A short interview with Amanda about her creative style & influence.


What aspect of your work drove you to apply for the 92% show? 

“I think every person in the world has something they would like to change about themselves in one way or another. Which leads us to making resolutions to be better next year, or to break that habit that has been weighing us down. When I created the paintings that I am currently showing in the 92% show I was thinking a lot about breaking away from what was getting me down, becoming a better version of myself and emerging from the darkness. My work always has undertones of darkness, and this show seemed to be an interesting way to show that everyone can feel like that sometimes. Whether you are able to break away and rise above the problem is up to you.”

How would you describe yourself and your artistic style? 

“Spur of the moment and spontaneous. I tend to work in a very raw unplanned way, using heavy line work and gesture I almost tend to draw with paint. I love working under pressure and don’t often plan how something is going to turn out. Whatever happens, happens! With that being said, I also tend to jump from medium to medium. Pushing the limits of the materials I’m working with excites me, and I absolutely love combining mediums see how they react with each other. My painting has recently moved away from flat canvas onto 3D surfaces and sculptures.


I am currently working with the Palm Beach-based fashion company VIVRE Couture (@vivrecouture) painting on everything from wedding dresses to shoes! You can see more of my current work on my Instagram account (@amandawilsonart) or my website www.amandawilsonart.com. Our new Botanic Bridal collection just launched last month and was featured in multiple Florida based magazines which were tons of fun, definitely worth checking out! Being featured in NYC Fashion week last September, and now Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week this spring is definitely different than being in a gallery show, but seeing my paintings actually walk down the runway is so much fun! You can see my full NYC, Botanic Bridal and Rose collections here www.vivrecouture.com


Does local Raleigh/NC culture inspire or influence your art?

“I actually am brand new to Raleigh. I moved here in October, though I have been traveling back and forth a lot between NJ and FL since then. I am originally from the NYC/NJ area where I’ve been showing for the up until now. Moving down to Raleigh I am hoping to have some more time to concentrate on my artwork and am excited to see what the city has to offer! So far my painting studio is set up, next on the list is my ceramics and sculpture studio. That’s when the real fun starts! (aka time to make messes!) If anyone wants to collab, or knows of some great creative stuff going on, let me know! I am very unfamiliar with the whole art scene down here, and it is much different than New York, but I am definitely looking forward to getting to know Raleigh and its awesome creative people!”


What’s your favorite medium to work with & why?

This is my huge problem, I can’t ever seem to choose! I even have my BFA in Painting & Sculpture…because I couldn’t decide. I am definitely a super tactile person, and love to work with my hands. When I have an idea, I tend to use whatever is around me to make it happen. My favorite 3D medium to work in is clay, probably porcelain because of its elasticity. Porcelain is very responsive and can work as fast as I like to move whether it’s on the wheel or hand building. Another huge love of mine is casting, working with clay, hydrocal, and plaster to create molds and big crazy (heavy) sculptures. Acrylic, Oil, and Charcoal are my top 2D choices. The bright beautiful colors of the paints and pressure based heavy gestural line the charcoal can achieve are unlike anything else. I also recently did a massive foam sculpture for a new ShopRite Grocery store in Philadelphia which was definitely a challenge. The way I see it, whether its a blank canvas, lump of clay, or a massive 5’x5’ hunk of polystyrene, there’s always something beautiful to be found within. An artist is the person who can see past whats in front of them, look beyond into what is possible, and make it happen.


How would you describe your art that is on exhibit at Imurj?

“The pieces currently at Imurj have a lot to do with achieving depth within a painting. I wanted to make the viewer feel as if they could reach in and be a part of the world that I was creating. The push and pull of color, as well as the thin and thick paint application, is meant to heavily emphasize the contrast between the different levels within the paintings. The figures are all undergoing some sort of action, aiming to hit on and relate to a feeling or experience the viewer has had before. The world within the art is a representation of certain points of my life or observations that I have had. Bringing that into a gallery setting is welcoming the audience into my head, with the hope that if they are able to relate in some way, they will feel less alone.”